TRITEMP™ – non contact thermometer

TRITEMP is a non contact  thermometer for clinical use, giving easy, fast and accurate body temperature reading. Its ergonomically designed angled head ensures optimal orientation for sensor alignment, easy of use and user comfort. TRITEMP requires no probe covers, results in cost savings when compared with other types of thermometers used in hospitals today.

Infection control – Zero contact
Plastic consumables are used with existing hospital thermometers to prevent infections as these thermometers touch the patient. A 900-bed hospital takes around 2-3 million temperature readings per year, 2-3 million plastic caps for disposal and 2-3 million unnecessary contact points with patients.

Cost saving – Zero consumables
Hospital market is dominated by ear, axilliary, rectal and oral thermometers using plastic consumables, touch the patient and are not connected to the EMR. Plastic consumables account for 97% of the hospital thermometer budgets in NHS. Revenue for existing suppliers is based on a consumable sales model (Kodak story), which has resulted in resistance to introduce non-contact, connected thermometers into hospitals.

Time saving – Zero contact
Current thermometers used in hospitals require the care worker to ‘touch’ the patient which can represent huge discomfort and distress for certain patient groups such as Mental health, Autism, Dementia patients, and paediatrics, among others. As the thermometer never touches the patient it adopts optimal infection control within the hospital and protects both the patient and the care worker. The thermometer is easy to use, requires no technical skill and can transfer the results complete with patient details to the hospital at the touch of a button.

Made in Europe – Zero contact
TriMedika is an ISO13485:2016 accredited company and our devices are CE marked. We offer full maintenance and technical support on all devices including training and installation. TRITEMP are designed by award winning product designs in the UK who lead the field in innovative design shaped to meet the user’s requirements in both form and function.

Enviromentally friendly – Zero contact
TRITEMP™ will enable hospitals to eliminate the use of plastic consumables in temperature measurement which could represents a reduction in over 150,000,000 plastic caps disposal to hospital waste every year. This benefits the hospital due to reduced plastic disposal costs, better infection control due to reduced volumes of contaminated waste and time efficiencies as it removes the need to stock plastics consumables, both for the in-hospital and remote/telehealth use.

  • Zero consumables
  • Zero contact with the patient for optimal infection control
  • Never touch the patient so readings can be taken when patient is resting
  • Accuracy 0.2°C
  • Temperature reading in 1 second; rapid results saves staff time
  • Ease of use – simple user lead interface
  • Backlit screen with Green, Amber and Red indicator



TRITEMP - training video


Product Accessories

Silicone pouch

  • Robust silicone pouch for storage
  • Can be attached to obs trolley or medirail
  • 110 x 60 mm
  • Molded to fit TRITEMP
  • Easily Cleaned
  • Tether Available


Wall mount 

  • Laser cut stainless steel
  • Wall mount directly on wall
  • Attach to V-plate clamp for medirail
  • Tether point for Silicone Holder




  • Coiled tether
  • Braided Kevlar core
  • Matt Black Finish
  • 150cms when extended
  • Carabiner hook with hexagonal lock